Sampling of Electric Bills, Old DHS and New


This is a comparison of two months’ worth of electric bills for the old DeKalb High School on South Fourth Street, which is now Huntley Middle School, and the new DHS on Dresser Road.

[table id=44 /]

No, the figures for the June charges and balance due for the new DHS were not accidentally transposed! There were significant downward adjustments made on that bill.

That is one reason why I am making no claims about the bill charges being particularly representative. Also, both schools were probably atypically open a lot due to the big move and construction/remodeling work. These figures just give you a ballpark idea of the new operating expenses we’ve taken on, no more.

The DHS charges were actually a bit lower than I expected. It’s the amount in unpaid balances that is startling. The only electric bills kept paid up were charges of about $50 per month billed to “DeKalb Booster Club” at the old DHS. Also, there was $338 charged for this period in late fees.

Natural gas service charges, not included here, ran no higher than a few hundred per month but again, District 428 has not been paying these bills in full.