Comment on the Approval of the Library Expansion

Library ShelvesPeople are starting to ask me why I’m against the DeKalb Public Library expansion.

I’m not against AN expansion of DPL. I’m against THIS expansion because I disapprove of secrecy, corrupted processes and the lack of proper public participation. I’m against letting the current library board, a group of proven lawbreakers, run the show.

Pick anything under the DeKalb Public Library tag at this blog for details, and check out DeKalb County Online for Mac’s view of the latest developments. This is about making sure government follows the rules, and creating a fuss when it’s not. Period. It always has been.

This is sad for me because I’d much rather be talking about how the library fits into DeKalb’s future.

Now, for those of you who are inclined to let the library board off the hook because “so-and-so board member is such a nice man,” please consider that unless you live a very sheltered life, some of the people you really like also can be shown to drive drunk, rip off their insurance companies and kick dogs when you’re not looking. Do you really want to go there? Do you really want to apply the law based on some sort of likability factor or scale of niceness?

And for those who want to give the benefit of the doubt to these nice folks because “maybe they don’t know the rules,” in my view that’s pretty much the same as saying incompetence is OK. In which case, you deserve the government you get.

But some of us don’t.