Opposition to New Police Station Location

Now that work has begun on the proposed police station site on Lincoln Highway, Northern Illinois University students have become aware what the city intends to build there. Some don’t like it.

The most immediate issue is a station sitting across from the Center for Black Studies and NIU Resources for Women, and in particular the potential for damage to race relations. There are also suspicions about the message inherent in its proximity to the NIU Police HQ, and wider worries about classroom disruptions and safety in a pedestrian-heavy area.

If you watched the November 21 and November 28 city council meetings, you saw NIU students laying out the concerns about PD placement. You also then, unfortunately, have witnessed the city framing this as a matter of aesthetics — that if they build a pretty enough building, this will all go away.

The students have started a petition to relocate the PD site away from the NIU campus: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/move-the-construction-site-away-from-the-niu-students/