Public Corruption Might Possibly Exist in DeKalb County, and if It Does, the State’s Attorney is On It


Back when I first worked in developmental disabilities (DD) adult services, it was very well known that abuse and neglect of persons with disabilities occurred only in Chicago and just couldn’t, and didn’t, ever happen in DeKalb County.

But of course abuse and neglect actually can happen anywhere; and when we finally got around to admitting it, we began doing something about it WHEN, not IF, it occurred.

Same deal with public corruption. “We’re not Chicago” is not going to cut it anymore. State’s Attorney Clay Campbell must sense this, because he has begun a “proactive” anti-corruption initiative. It has arrived conveniently close to the date of the primary elections and he is trying to play both sides, but for the moment I care little about this because Campbell, with one presentation, has pulled the topic into mainstream public discourse.

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