It’s About More Than Chickens

There are already chickens in DeKalb. There always have been and there always will be. Council’s refusal to slap the official okey-dokey onto the practice just ensures chicken-keeping will remain underground, in tight-knit neighborhoods where folks don’t fink on each other.

What’s changed is the energetic 20-something who found that her hen-keeping proposal could not get a fair hearing.

My mom, pillar of support that she is, tagged along for the meeting. At multiple points she looked at me and asked “are they serious?” and I had to tell her yes, our local government is so fucking ridiculous you can’t even tell when they’re being serious.

This isn’t just about losing. It’s about HOW members of city commissions and the council casually dismissed hours of painstaking research (some obviously did not even read the backup materials provided) and 400 petition signatures.