Joint Meeting of City Council & Housing Task Force

The meeting is Tuesday, June 26, 6 p.m. in DeKalb council chambers.

The joint meeting is a signal that the work of the Safe/Quality Housing Task Force is almost done and that proposals will come up for votes at council soon.

The city’s agenda does not list specific items, so I got mine from the DeKalb Area Rental Association. The issues include discussion of:

  • Three different mandatory inspection ordinances
  • Licensing and fee requirements for rental housing
  • A new Vacant Housing ordinance with possible $500 fees
  • Increased registration requirements and fees for rental housing
  • A Disorderly House ordinance

I’ve attended several Task Force meetings. In my view, this whole exercise was started as another attempt by administrators to latch onto the teats of a new cash cow, aka DeKalb landlords. However, to my utter delight I have become a fan of the Task Force. This is no puppet committee.

Meanwhile, the cow in the form of DARA obviously is going to kick and kick hard; but please do not make the mistake of believing these ordinance proposals only affect landlords. Come for the potential fireworks but stay for a conversation that ultimately will involve all of us.