Budget Contingencies FY2013


DeKalb budgeted $375,000 in contingencies this year, which is a lot more than usual. I didn’t understand all of the abbreviations so I asked about them and here’s the poop scoop:

  • Management Compensation Study — $5,000
  • Emerald Ash Borer — $75,000
  • Housing Study (w/NIU) — $45,000
  • Code Enforcement — $150,000
  • TIF Study — $50,000
  • EPI Study — $50,000
  • Comments:

    I’m not sure what the TIF study is about (nor do I know why a TIF study isn’t paid out of a TIF fund) but have you seen this RFP yet?

    The Code Enforcement contingency is just in case administrators are able to push through its licensing and inspection ordinance despite opposition from the Safe/Quality Housing Task Force.

    Yes! EPI does mean the possible return of financial consultant Executive Partners, Inc.