A Reminder About Liquor Code Overhauls

Delighted as I am that the City of DeKalb appears to have competent legal counsel at this time, I am also a little dismayed that Mr. Frieders seems to be driving the agenda lately.

This seems to be a pattern with our city manager, and the history leading to the latest attempt at overhauling the city liquor code is a case in point. Mr. Biernacki and our mayor the liquor commissioner allowed the last full-time, appointed attorney to oversee an “overhaul” process that lasted two years and led to the complicated, unenforceable mess that it is now.

The liquor code is in dire need of improvement, and as long as Mr. Frieders’ services to same don’t exceed the budget allowed for it, I won’t complain. But I do want to inform/remind you of this symptom of the administration’s propensity to indulge its favorites at the expense of the rest of us.