Corn Fest Has a Liquor License. Guess Where the Bar Is?


DeKalb Corn Fest, Inc. now has its own liquor license, and its own special permit to serve liquor at Corn Fest in the great outdoors. My companion and I saw them about 5:30 p.m.

We had to request to see these documents, because they weren’t posted anywhere: not at the gate to the beer garden, not in the regular serving area nor the VIP area. A nice staff person had to go looking in an office in the hangar used by VIP. All told it took about 10 minutes to get a peek at them, even though Corn Fest was already serving.

The name of the licensed establishment is “Corn Fest” and the address is 1586 Barber Greene Road, which, as I’ve commented and Tweeted before, is the address of the Daily Chronicle.

The Knights of Columbus ran the beer garden for Corn Fest until this year. KC has, you know, an actual bar.

On Monday I’ll submit a Freedom of Information Act for these documents so you don’t have to depend upon my memory for details.

Stay tuned.