NIU Closes Somebody’s Coffee Fund

**Update 9/1: DC has significantly re-worked the story, so the quote below no longer appears there.**

I very much appreciate the Daily Chronicle‘s continued persistence and endurance with the NIU “coffee fund” story, especially as things get curioser.

DeKALB – Northern Illinois University has located the “coffee fund” and shut it down.

University officials said the private, non-university bank account, which contained about $2,100, has been closed, with the money deposited into the university’s general fund.

Four employees in NIU’s Materials Management Department have been placed on paid leave for a maximum of 30 days, but NIU spokesman Paul Palian did not know the names of those employees.

If the account was a private, non-university account, how is it that NIU was able to determine it was NIU money, and how did NIU close it? And if NIU knows the money from the account is NIU money, why are people being put on vacations instead of being charged with crimes?

And speaking of crimes, where is our able State’s Attorney and his much-ballyhooed (well, self-ballyhooed) anti-corruption unit?