Public Hearing on Housing Ordinances Coming Up Wednesday

There’s a special meeting of the DeKalb city council on Wednesday, September 19, concerning the Safe/Quality Housing Task Force vs. city staff recommendations. Last time, staff made its case while everybody else listened. This time there’s a public hearing. The items under consideration are as follows:

a. Crime-free Lease Addendum Requirement
b. Chronic Nuisance Ordinance Enforcement
c. Licensing/Registration
d. Rental Property Inspection

The meeting will begin at 6 p.m.

DeKalb Area Rental Association (DARA) positions are here. Not surprisingly, DARA’s positions tend to the no-cost, the low-cost and the voluntary.

However, the Safe/Quality Housing Task Force, which included not just landlords but all stakeholder groups except for non-student low-income renters, has also recommended measures that tread lightly on city budgets and 4th Amendment rights.

To reiterate my own view, I believe that we can’t trust the motives of the administrators who are pushing hard for licensing and inspection. They still haven’t justified what they want to charge for these services, nor have they explained their code enforcement failures during the period when the city was last fully staffed.