DeKalb’s New Towing Policy a Slap to Checks and Balances


I was reading an article at DeKalb County Online about the City of DeKalb’s new towing policy. Comments on the story included a reference to this tidbit from Section 35.05, Orders for Towing and Impounding of Vehicles by City:

f) Towing Policy: The Chief of Police is and shall be authorized to approve changes, amendments or modifications to the City’s official Towing Policy from time to time, without requiring approval of the City Council or amendment of this Ordinance, and shall maintain a current copy of the Towing Policy at the Police Department office, for public inspection.

The above was taken from the online version of the DeKalb Municipal Code, where I read the rest of the policy while wondering what might already be out of date. Perhaps in the past month new violations were added to the list, or the $500 fine was changed to $1000. To be absolutely sure, I’d have to stop by the police station each day to see if things have changed, and in between visits a bit of uncertainty would ever remain.

Only two council members voted against the ordinance, and they did so only because they disagreed with the provisions for establishing a towing company rotation. Everyone apparently thought it was fine for the council to cede its authority and responsibility to act as a check on executive power.