An Update on Victor Wogen


Yesterday’s post about nontransparent government and our the city manager’s spending authority reminded me that, although city administrators suffered no consequences for hiring an alderman under the table, the disgraced former alderman himself did face a bit of music and not so long ago.

Besides being forced to resign his position, Victor “Slick Vic” Wogen found himself and his company, Masonry Works, LLC, pursued by the Illinois Department of Labor in civil cases for violations of the Prevailing Wage Act. A judgment was entered against him last December and he was ordered to pay $19,584.77 in damages.

As far as I’m concerned, a track record like this should mean Wogen is treated like kryptonite when it comes to public projects, but you never know. You can be sure I’ll trumpet it from here if I ever spot his name or dba on a list of government contractors anywhere in DeKalb County.