Did You Get Invited? Me Neither.

Last week I decided to email our almost-daily newspapers to let them know I’ve been searching them each day for news of the DeKalb city manager interviews. You’ll remember that last summer the date for the interviews was set for November 1, but a lot could have happened since then.

Then an article appeared in the weekend edition of the Daily Chronicle. (I don’t know if I can take credit for this or not.) It confirmed the date of the panel interviews but not much else.

You see, in July when the interview schedule was set, the Community Committee interview panel and a candidates’ evening meet-and-greet were designated public meetings, so I’d expected to get details about those events in the article as well.

I guess we second-class citizens who would like to attend the public events will need to make an extra effort to find out the where and when, unless we’re content to wait for the state-required public notices to come out Wednesday and scramble from there.

Of course, it’s entirely possible city officials have decided instead to renege on the earlier plans for openness and are now keeping all panels and the meet-and-greet limited to the select few.

And then there’s this, from the same article linked above:

“I developed a list a (sic) interested parties [for the citizens interview committees] that have either volunteered for me or I have spoken to,” [Mayor John] Rey said. “What I was looking for was a cross-section of community involvement or membership.”

Someone correct me if there was a public call for volunteers, but I don’t remember one. Several of the probable addressees of the letter are here. If you can find anyone on the list who is different from someone Kris Povlsen would have chosen, let me know.

In other words, cross-section my you-know-what.

To be clear, I don’t think any of these reindeer games is illegal, just the usual secretive city b.s. under interim city manager Rudy Espiritu, who seems to have found an eager acolyte in Mayor Rey and who is also a candidate for permanent appointment to the city manager position.

And in view of all the mystery, if anybody other than Rudy Espiritu ends up getting appointed, I’ll happily search for a hat to eat. I won’t bother looking in advance, though. DeKalb government seems destined for mediocrity for the foreseeable future because it almost always opts for cronyism over excellence, or even competence.

Meanwhile I hope you will treat any effort on the part of the city to frame the city manager search as a transparent process with the derision it deserves.

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