Final Payouts to DeKalb’s Retired City Manager


When I told you about City of DeKalb’s policy to allow staff in administrative positions to bank comp time — as well as how much comp certain employees had accumulated — I could not include the comp and other accumulations of former city manager Mark Biernacki because he’d already cashed out in mid-June. But, here are the payout numbers for you.

[table id=80 /]

There are rumors flying about that comp time figures I’ve posted are incorrect. Let me reassure you that these numbers come from reports provided by City of DeKalb in response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Contact me via email if you want copies. So far they comprise two PDF files totaling 40 pages.

To peep at all the pay totals for 2013, click on the image below. Then click twice on the magnifier icon in the lower right-hand corner to enlarge it.

city manager final payouts photo BiernackiFinalPayouts_zps429b60e1.jpg

I am awaiting information for payments made to others on behalf of Mark Biernacki. The city needed to extend the response time for the “on behalf of” portion of the FOIA but I should receive those documents after the holidays.

Pay Codes:
100 regular pay
300 sick pay
400 vacation pay
500 comp pay used
550 floating holiday
603 merit bonus
605 retirement gift
700 car allowance
900 vacation final pay
901 sick final pay
920 comp time req’d payout
950 retro pay

Deduction Codes
203 admin ins single
400 ICMA
405 Nationwide 2000
420 city ICMA
421 city Nationwide
800 YMCA
801 Fitworkz
900 United Way
998 direct dep secondary
999 direct dep primary