Library Budget Figures Look Pretty Interesting

An alert reader tipped me off that the DeKalb Public Library added about $10.5 million to its fund balance last year (see FY2013 column, bottom line; click & magnify to see it bigger).

FY2015 Library Budget 2of2 photo LibraryBudget2of2_zpsc6c1348a.jpg

Nice, huh? Wherever did it come from? Let’s check the revenues.

 photo LibraryBudget1of2_zps3855ef75.jpg

Hmmm. Not here, either — and we still have to account for $8.5 million and change.

Doesn’t seem like just a typo or simple arithmetic error. Probably bond proceeds or the state construction grant came in and somebody neglected to add it to the appropriate line item.

Whatever the answer is, it seems a pretty large mistake to slip by to this stage. Just sayin’.