DeKalb’s HR budget is out of control, and now they want to make it even worse


DeKalb’s Human Resources budget growth by fiscal year (rounded):

2014: $164,000 (actual)

2015: $184,000 (actual)

2016: $254,000 (actual)

2017: $456,000 (projected)

In FY14, there was one full-time director and one part-timer in HR.

Before that, there were some difficult years where HR had only one director, and the assistant city manager helped fill the gaps (along with having budget officer duties).

For FY17, we now have two expensive administrators (HR director and assistant director), a part-time administrative assistant, and a part-time HR generalist.

City staff would like to make the generalist’s position full-time for the next fiscal year, which would double the personnel from FY14 and effectively triple the budget during the same time period.

Even during DeKalb’s population boomlet and NIU’s peak enrollment (ca. 2007), when DeKalb was hiring rapidly to keep up with growth, HR never required more than two full-timers — and that was before all the compulsive software shopping, too.

So when do we see increases in productivity? When does council end the destructive hiring spree?

Until it does, we can’t have nice streets.