Series: Housing authority roundup


During the summer of 2021, City of DeKalb did a favor for the Housing Authority of the County of DeKalb (HACD) by approving a plan to make a segment of North Sixth Street one-way to relieve the housing authority’s parking problem.

There was no evidence of any parking issue. Meeting minutes and requests for information turned up no documentation of HACD’s board tackling anything of the sort. It was a flex, a show of clout generated by family and business ties between appointed and elected officers of the housing authority and the city.

Since then, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and personal observations have yielded a variety of examples of HACD’s preferential treatment of vendors, disregard of regulations, subversion of the FOIA response process, and violations of the Open Meetings Act. Special treatment for some and contempt for others constitute a red flag in social services — I wonder what tenants have to put up with, and I hope DeKalb County and/or HUD shares that concern enough to investigate at some point.

Meanwhile, below is a list of the blog articles published about HACD since early August 2021. There is still no end of material and we’ll keep this listing current with each new post.

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