DeKalb County and the prospect of multiple and unknown buyers of its skilled nursing facility


On Facebook, I promised this week to trace the connections between the Hunter Properties people and Saba Healthcare, LLC, one of the companies interested in purchasing DeKalb County Rehab & Nursing (DCRNC).

The connections may be an issue for people in the area, because City of DeKalb spent a lot of time and money pursuing legal action against Hunter for numerous building code violations in its apartment buildings. DeKalb ultimately settled with them, in part by buying up some of the Hunter-owned properties.

The person who signed off on the sale to the city was Eric Rothner, who is also part of a family of nursing home landlords that includes William Rothner, the named owner of 50% of what used to be Champaign County Nursing Home but is now the 0-out-of-5-stars-rated facility known as University Rehab.

The specific connections between Hunter and Saba work like this:

  • Eric Rothner is listed by the state as co-manager of Hunter Management, LLC. His co-manager and agent is David Aronin. Address of principal office is 2201 Main Street in Evanston.
  • Eric Rothner is also listed as co-manager of an LLC called Rothner Health Ventures G II. The other manager is David Aronin. Address of principal office is 2201 W. Main, Evanston.
  • David Aronin is listed as the agent of Atied Associates, LLC. Address of principal office is 2201 W. Main, Evanston. Managers are a company registered in Delaware.
  • Atied and the owners of Saba, Moshe Blonder and Aharon Singer, share direct ownership interests in four skilled nursing facilities in Rockford, Freeport, and Naperville.

Nobody knows who owns Atied, but at this point we might make an informed guess. The question is, does Saba intend Atied as a “mystery partner” to purchase DCRNC if it has the chance? That’s what happened in Champaign County — what looks to be a spectacular lack of due diligence — and Atied now has the other 50% ownership interest in the formerly county-owned, currently failing facility there.

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