DeKalb’s not following its own rules for training landlords


DeKalb landlords, property managers, and other registered contact persons for rental properties are required to take an initial landlord education course provided by the city, with annual refresher training after that. But according to a response to a Freedom of Information Act request submitted earlier this month:

[P]rior to the appointment of the current Crime Free Director, landlord training was not conduct (sic) for the period specified. The Director will be attending training this month in preparation for the development of electronic training.

Response to FOIA request N000103-051023, submitted to City of DeKalb May 9, 2023

The period specified in the request for training records and materials was calendar year 2022. The idea that there was no landlord training offered for an entire year — maybe more — is astounding, because annual training has been a city requirement since 2014.

How long has DeKalb been blowing this off?

Can the city enforce the ordinance against landlords if it’s not fulfilling its own obligations in it? What legal liabilities might this create?

Are “rules for thee, but not the city” an acceptable way to operate?


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