Firefighters Rally Tomorrow

The DeKalb firefighters’ union, IAFF Local #1236, is putting out the word to their brethren in Aurora and Bolingbrook to join them in a rally preceding the Council meeting tomorrow evening.

The members of DeKalb L-1236 need your help!! The city council is planning a vote at their meeting on June 22 concerning citywide layoffs, including Fire Fighters. These layoffs are not justified and are meant to build the “reserve fund” for the city, and are based on “doomsday” type projections.

The original plan is to meet beginning 5 p.m. in the parking lot at South 4th & Grove across from the Muni building — not sure if they might modify the location due to the change in venue for the Council meetings to DeKalb High School but will update if I can find out.

The firefighters are protesting the city’s efforts to get them to agree to a one-year wage freeze despite having a contract in force which does not expire until June 30, 2011. While holding firm on compensation, the union has reportedly offered about $220,000 in “givebacks” of other economic goodies its members are willing to forgo for the year.