The Return of Wogen Watch

The Wogen Watch blog is back in response to Alderman Victor Wogen’s arrest on domestic violence charges and to the question of where he is living.

So far, I’ve spoken at a Council meeting about the residency issue, blogged it and sent a letter to the editor. I hope I won’t be the Lone Ranger in this, because it’s just too easy to marginalize one old lady as hopelessly eccentric, or a former contender for office as Vendetta Queen. If you care that Wogen hasn’t been made to inform his constituents whether he has vacated the ward in which he was elected, or feel that Council is shirking its responsibilities to set deadlines for correcting his address of record and (if necessary) for his return to the ward, please help by writing your own letters to the editor and enlisting others’ participation as well.

My next step will be to return Wogen Watch to the CB blogroll.