State of the Blog

Hello there. I’m one of the new mods/writers for the City Barbs Blog selected to fill in for Lynn Fazekas after she took the office of City Clerk. While some readers already know me, I thought it would be best to introduce myself. So, firstly, I’m an NIU alum who majored in computer science. Yes,…

New Local Voice

Barry Schrader may have left the Daily Chronicle, but he has joined us bloggers — gasp! — with a new website called DeKalb County Life. I’ve added the site to the City Barbs’s blogroll. Welcome, Barry!

Justice is Served in Bell

We return our attention to Bell, California. Administrators and council members there paid themselves exorbitant salaries while cutting city services, overcharging taxes and fees, and creating a major municipal revenue source out of a vehicle impounding program. This and more was accomplished in a roughly DeKalb-sized town with per capita income of $24,000. Now, today…

There is no “r” in Fazekas

I want to offer a few words on my write-in candidacy for DeKalb City Clerk so it doesn’t get weird between us. I filed last Thursday, aware by that point of one other person who might be running and found out later that we are four. A public statement of candidacy and a Facebook page…

Posts Temporarily Pulled

Two popular recent posts, “DeKalb’s Pension Funding Progress” and “Updated Year-Over-Year Revenue Tracking” have been pulled from the lineup because they’ve been messing up a blog feed. Once I figure out the problem and fix it, I’ll republish them.

New Threads at the FB Page

A couple of members of the City Barbs Blog Facebook Page have begun new threads this week, so if you haven’t visited in awhile… Consider this space an open thread for comments also, particularly if you have story ideas.