State of the Blog

Hello there.

I’m one of the new mods/writers for the City Barbs Blog selected to fill in for Lynn Fazekas after she took the office of City Clerk. While some readers already know me, I thought it would be best to introduce myself.

So, firstly, I’m an NIU alum who majored in computer science. Yes, sadly I didn’t major in journalism. But if it makes you feel any better, I once pursued an associate degree in philosophy before I realized that it wasn’t going to make me money any time soon. On the plus side, there is likely to be data in posts of mine if you’re into that sort of thing. I’ve written several letters to the editor and attended/watched some city council meetings in the past. Lynn would tell you she picked me because of my commitment to the truth, but I’m doing this because I’m easily bribed with food (just kidding, sorta). What else? I’m an Air Force veteran where I worked in metrology; I have interests in the 1st Amendment, OMA, FOIA, local history, and education; and I used to catch plagiarism in computer programming courses for a living when I worked as a teaching assistant, so I can pay quite a bit attention to detail.

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City Barbs Turned 8 this Month

That’s probably, what, 24 in blog years?

The actual anniversary date was November 6 but I’ve been distracted by other business. Luckily it’s Friday so I can hoist one to celebrate Joe’s creation and the work of the original Internet Research Commandos. Hope you will, too.

I’ve also cleaned house a bit. (Yes, sadly, that’s my current idea of a good time.) Among other things I’ve developed a Policies page and have eliminated links to blogs that haven’t provided new content for a year or more.

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Miscellaneous Municipal Election News, Site News

First off, I want to follow up on the question of repealing home rule in Mt. Vernon. Voters defeated the challenge, meaning home rule is retained. High profile business backers, a core group of “Vote No” volunteers plus use of social media are credited with the success.

While the Mt. Vernon pro-home rule group won with 57% of the vote, there was a veritable smackdown by 70% of voters of the proposition to make the city clerk’s office in DeKalb an appointed one. It’s difficult not to look at this as a referendum on city administration, and on the performance of city manager Mark Biernacki in particular. Let him laugh at the suggestion that the ballot question was an attempted power grab — that doesn’t make it untrue.

With the retention of an elected city clerk, congenitally optimistic residents like me can hope for a real watchdog in the position.

Lastly, I’d like to note that City Barbs is now seven years old.

Treat this as an open thread if you like. Name yer topic.

Posts Temporarily Pulled

Two popular recent posts, “DeKalb’s Pension Funding Progress” and “Updated Year-Over-Year Revenue Tracking” have been pulled from the lineup because they’ve been messing up a blog feed. Once I figure out the problem and fix it, I’ll republish them.

Statement of Non-Retraction of District 428 Utilities Post

A certain person has suggested I “correct” my posting called Sampling of Electric Bills, Old DHS and New, on the grounds that I got it wrong about why District 428 can’t pay its bills.

On the contrary, no correction is needed. Due to the small sample size and obvious adjustments made to one of the bills, I took pains NOT TO come to any conclusions.

No, the figures for the June charges and balance due for the new DHS were not accidentally transposed! There were significant downward adjustments made on that bill.

That is one reason why I am making no claims about the bill charges being particularly representative.

Yes, I did also say that I found the unpaid balances startling, but AGAIN: I drew no conclusion from it.

If this person were a member in good standing of the City Barbs community, I would invite him to post the ADDITIONAL information he’s found. Unfortunately, he was banned for life years ago and this kind of thing reinforces the decision.

Site News: We’re Six

Oops, I missed City Barbs’ anniversary! We turned six on November 6.

Though it’s usually my name on the byline, this is more a community blog than most ever realize. Thanks to those who have mentored, visited, contributed articles, commented, phoned with tips and e-mailed suggestions.

Thanks also to site founder Joe and to my husband, who gave me a nudge at the right moment.

And to Mac McIntyre, who always has advice when I ask for it (and sometimes when I don’t).

This is post number 905.

Interesting Search Terms

Here are a few of the search terms people have used recently that led them to the citybarbs blog. Thought you might enjoy.

“hunted houses”

“universal rest group dekalb”

“i lost minutes for a meeting”

“1971, that was a bad year for libraries”

“pig poop is black”

People also wanted to see firefighters saving cats, find out which non-home ruled municipality uses hotel tax to pay police salaries (so do I, now) and seek

Each month, visitors also still come to read about Henry Ford’s soybean suit and the loss of Milan Krpan.