Flood-Prone Home Buyout Thread


Acceptance of a “pre-disaster mitigation grant” for buying more flood-prone homes is on the agenda for Monday (.pdf p. 33). Questions:

1) We’re broke, except for TIF. Where do we get the the $289,507.00 for our share?

2) What is the cutoff for number of years of home ownership required for a buyout? In other words how do we ensure the people helped are the long-term residents whose floodplain woes have made it demonstrably impossible to sell their homes?

3) Is there a requirement that the buyout homes be owner-occupied, primary residences?

4) The first round of buyouts included the home of a city employee, which was not disclosed publicly by city officials. What steps is the city willing to take in the interests of ethics, transparency and full disclosure, to eliminate the perception that “connected” people are unfairly benefitting from the buyouts?

Also see these comments.

I have requested records to try to trace the process developed by the Stormwater Task Force for prioritizing homes for buyout. As I understand it, FEMA formulas allow for a bit of local customization when it comes to criteria; in other words there appears to be room for some subjectivity. Under the circumstances, it’s worth a look.