You May Raise My Taxes When…

Is it wrong to prefer a Council meeting without Wogen and Simpson? I’ve decided there’s no immediate need to get rid of Wogen unless he starts showing up again, or if the 3rd Ward wants the mayor to appoint somebody to the spot. And Simpson can take as much time off as he likes unless the 1st puts up a fuss.

Four hundred ninety-six days and counting

In other news, I’ve decided it’s A-OK with me for Council to raise my taxes — as soon as the following conditions are met:

  • We no longer pay for city employees’ magazines, in-town lunches, uniforms for people in positions that are not public safety related, and other unnecessary extras (especially for work-related tax-deductibles)
  • Somebody explains the high costs for janitorial services and cleaning supplies
  • Ditto ditto service calls for locks and keys
  • The rent on Eduardo’s outdoor cafe space is equal to, or greater than, what it would pay in property taxes if it owned the property
  • I&T is cut by approximately 3 people and an IS position is created and overseen by the Office of the City Clerk
  • Legal services are outsourced
  • The city manager and public works director are replaced
  • The city manager regularly reports on disposal of city property
  • Community Development gets its vehicles downsized
  • Car allowances for administrators are abolished
  • Health care for aldermen is discontinued (more for big-picture ethical reasons than for cost savings)
  • The city has a reasonable debt policy in place
  • The post-employment healthcare plan is fixed
  • A moratorium is placed on airport land acquisition
  • A moratorium is placed on installment of pavers, concrete decorations, etc., downtown: Save and port TIF money for needed police station expansion instead
  • The city sells assets: Put equipment and commercial property on the market, at market prices
  • TIF expenditures are reviewed at least quarterly by a committee of non-ReNew, non-Chamber, non-CCEC “civilians.”
  • Bet you have a few too, eh?