Errors Necessitate Lift Station at New High School

[Update 12/8/2009: Mr. Gustafson, construction liaison, reports via e-mail that the errors leading to the need for a lift station will cost around $47,000 to correct and that the architects, ATS&R, “will be responsible for these costs.” The correspondence has presented an opportunity to ask about other error reports floating out there, so stay tuned.]

DeKalb Sanitary District, Board of Trustees meeting minutes for October:

[District Manager Mike Zima] informed the Board of the necessity of the installation of a lift station at the site of the new DeKalb High School due to errors in the planning that resulted in the internal sewer being lower than the external sewer.

The Sanitary District will only be involved as far as ensuring that the pit for the sanitary lift station is built to standards (i.e., that it does not leak) according to Mr. Zima. District 428 will be financially responsible for building the station and for maintaining it in perpetuity.