Letter Sent to Liquor License Holders


liquor bottlesNorthern Star reports today that Mayor Povlsen sent out a letter to city liquor licensees about illegal advertising, though he did not name names in it.

Povlsen, who is also the liquor commissioner, did list several violations that he said “appeared to be in violation of the law.”

In the letter, Povlsen said some of the advertisements included “free kegs, reduced-price drinks during limited hours, ‘ride the rail’ promotions, beer pong tourneys, ‘hosted bar’ for patrons, reverse cover charges and unlimited drinks for a flat fee.”

“Advertising ‘Happy Hour’ is also against the law,” Povlsen said. “We don’t have to send in police to see if they are committing the violation we can site [sic] them for the ad.”

So why is he wasting his time writing letters? Haul them in already. Sheesh.