Alderman Systematically Deleting E-mails

In preparing for the last City Council meeting, I came across this in the Liquor Commission meeting minutes from February (pdf p. 81). The minutes describe the discussion about whether a BYOB license is right for DeKalb.

CITIZEN INPUT: Rosa Balli, Rosita’s, stated that on the onset at what point do you say no. You can not come in to dinner with a few bucks and a six pack of beer.

Alderman Gallagher stated he has approximately 100 e-mails that feel this is a great idea.

Embrey indicated that this community consists of farmers and professors who do not frequent bistros like the ones in Chicago, and are the kind that may spend $3.99 on a bottle of wine. Do we have to have liquor in every place, as there are financial risks involved.

1) Rosa Balli is not just a “citizen.” She is a liquor licensee and should be identified as such.

2) The 100 e-mails claimed by Alderman Gallagher do not exist. I submitted a FOIA request for them and was told that ALL the e-mails were sent to his private e-mail address and ALL were subsequently deleted.

That was dumb. Why wouldn’t he arrive at the meeting with them in hand? It would have been dramatically concrete, and better for his credibility to boot.

3) We’ve talked about former Commissioner Embrey’s stereotyping before.