Town Council Meeting Protocol Statement


It has been brought to my attention that the Town Council of Fairfax, California, follows a meeting protocol that is printed on every regular meeting agenda and recited at each meeting as faithfully as the Pledge of Allegiance. Long story short, a Fairfax Council member recently viewed portions of a DeKalb City Council meeting on YouTube and I ended up with a copy of the Fairfax agenda for the July 7 meeting as a result.


The Mayor shall maintain order at the meetings in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order and the Council has a responsibility to be a model of respectful behavior in order to encourage community participation and citizen input at Council meetings. The Council and the audience are expected to refrain from using profane language and/or ridiculing the character or motives of council members, staff, or members of the public and to maintain the standards of tolerance and civility.

The Town Council will review the agenda at 10:00 P.M. to ascertain which items will be heard that evening and which, if any, will be continued to another meeting. Any matter not started by 11:30 P.M. will be continued to an adjourned or regular council meeting unless the Council votes to suspend this rule. Please turn all cellular phones off or place in silent mode.

It’s important, IMO, for us to compare notes with folk in other communities regularly to remind ourselves that what is, does not necessarily have to be.

[H/T D.2 & Co.]