Civic Campus Master Plan


Wow, they already have an architect involved:

The Library is proceeding with their plans to purchase the Clinic properties. The School District has expressed interest in having its administrative office space relocated into downtown. Other governmental units may also have interest in a downtown presence. With what will become a sizeable amount of publicly owned land in this portion of the downtown, an excellent opportunity presents itself to have prepared a governmental campus plan in which various partnerships can be formed. This could allow for greater efficiencies amongst all of our operations (shared parking, shared meeting space, custodial contracts, utilities, etc). Architects from the firm of Nagle Hartray will present a Civic Square Master Plan that encompasses a Police Station, Public Library, and shared building for City Hall and School District Administration. The square also includes green space and some private development.

…That “poof” sound you just heard was TIF 2 going up in smoke.