Star Covers Library Comments at Council Meeting

I see some of comments left at the Daily Chronicle website express puzzlement that Mac McIntyre hasn’t yet filed suit in the case of the DeKalb Public Library Board’s violations of the Open Meetings Act. Today the Northern Star sheds some light:

Mac McIntyre, member of the Finance Advisory Committee, said the DeKalb Public Library board voted in closed session, on May 12, on the purchase of the neighboring DeKalb Clinic.

“In doing so, they broke the law. They also broke the law by not publishing that they were going into closed session or give any reason for going into closed session,” McIntyre said. “There was $1.8 million of public tax dollars that were approved and levied in closed session in three meetings of the Library Board…That $1.8 million is roughly equal to their annual operating budget.”

According to the Illinois Open Meetings Act, voting on appropriations of public funds in a closed forum is prohibited. McIntyre called for the postponement of the DeKalb Clinic purchase proposed on Oct. 25 until an investigation by the city council was made and it issued a public report of the findings.

My take: Mac is giving Council a chance to address the DKPL violations just as he allowed time for the State’s Attorney to act. How embarrassing it would be to file suit, only to discover afterward that Mayor Kris “Ethics Warrior” Povlsen was already fixin’ to clean up Dodge. Why, it would be almost as embarrassing as having a council that chose to do nothing at all.