Rochelle to Get 250+ New Jobs

[Update 10/21: Groundbreaking ceremony & more info on Nippon Sharyo.]

I haven’t seen this anywhere else but the Rockford Register Star so far.

Gov. Pat Quinn comes to Rochelle at 11 a.m. today to announce that a $35 million to $40 million railcar factory, expected to employ 250 to 350 people, will be built in the city.

…Nippon Sharyo, which will build and operate the plant, is the railcar building partner of Sumitomo Corp. of America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Corp., a Japanese trading company.

According to a Sept. 22 news release on the Sumitomo website, a $560 million contract has been awarded to Nippon Sharyo to build 160 electric bi-level commuter cars for Metra, the commuter railroad that serves Chicago‚Äôs suburbs…

The Rochelle plant will consist of a car shell assembly shop, a final assembly shop, a test track and offices.

There must be some mistake! Rochelle doesn’t even have Home Rule! /snark

Seriously, though, what Rochelle does have is the infrastructure; i.e. the rail port. So the real mistake being made is giving a multi-national company that doesn’t need it $12 million in EDGE and other tax credits that the state doesn’t have. When do we stop playing the game?

Also, anybody remember why DeKalb turned down the rail port? The hindsight view doesn’t look very pretty right now.