Does DeKalb Have the Authority to Determine the Library’s Levy?

In the Daily Chronicle today, I see this:

During Monday night’s DeKalb City Council meeting, McIntryre [sic] asked aldermen to not approve the library’s levy request.

He said the library board did not receive approval to accumulate funds for the purpose of building or purchasing a site for a new library, which he said was the intent of board members. McIntyre said that is a violation of the Illinois Local Library Act.

But DeKalb City Attorney Norma Guess said the city council does not have the authority to not approve the library’s levy.

Oh, yeah? Why does the levy request come before Council, then? And: Ms. Guess, this is not what you’ve said before.

From the meeting minutes of the Regular Meeting of the City Council, November 24, 2008 (my emphases):

Ald. Naylor asked what obligation Council has relative to the rate being proposed from $0.24 to $0.27. Attorney Guess replied the receipts are only through the levy imposed by the City; it is up to Council what amount should be levied for the Library.
Ald. Naylor moved to amend Ordinance 08-87 and maintain the tax levy for the Library at $0.24; seconded by Ald. Keller.

Ald. Teresinski asked if the Library has a Board that adopted this increase. Mr. Biernacki replied the Library is a component government of the City, and the Council establishes the rate.

There was another amended motion made, and the levy was set at $0.25.