New High School Going Short on Custodians


So begins systemic neglect at the new high school — my interpretation of an article in the Daily Chronicle today:

The all-day kindergarten would also be paid for by not filling four custodial staff positions at the new high school until the district has more revenue.

In 2008, the Facilities Planning Committee (FPC) voted to approve the original, pre-referendum size of the new DeKalb High School in the face of a) market collapses; b) new information from its demographer that showed drops in projected enrollment for years to come; and c) admissions that maintenance of existing schools already was not up to par.

Whence will sufficient revenue arise? Development remains at a virtual standstill, DeKalb is losing population and the state is still in bad shape.

Several candidates running in the April election supported the overbuild. Later today I’ll be supporting accountability at the polls by posting FPC meeting minutes containing discussions and a key vote.