City Again Deprived of State of the City Address


Here’s what the mayor is supposed to do:

Sec. 3.1-35-5. Mayor or president; general duties. The mayor or president shall perform all the duties which are prescribed by law, including ordinances, and shall take care that the laws and ordinances are faithfully executed. The mayor or president from time to time may, and annually shall, give the corporate authorities information concerning the affairs of the municipality and may recommend for their consideration measures the mayor or president believes expedient.

Here is what he did.

Eggs & Issues: State of the City
Date: 7/19/2011
Time: 7:30 AM TO 9:00 AM

Hopkins Park Community Center
1403 Sycamore Road
Terrace Room
DeKalb, IL 60115

(815) 756-6306

Event Description: This is a great opportunity for Chamber members and the community to gather with DeKalb Mayor Kris Povlsen and DeKalb City Manager Mark Biernacki for a discussion on the State of the City. The presentation will also include information provided by T.J. Moore, Director of Public Works, an update on ReNew DeKalb, and an introduction to the economic development plan for the city by Roger Hopkins. Breakfast will be provided with registration.

Surprise! There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. DeKalb’s Number One Super Duper role model, Naperville, allows its Chamber of Commerce to host its State of the City address in similar fashion.

However, Naperville’s is conducted as a public meeting, with easy-to-find full transcript, video and presentation materials put up at its website.

From the local newspaper coverage today, it looks to me like care was taken not to have more than one alderman attend the DeKalb meeting, in order to avoid technical violations of the Open Meetings Act. Reminders: allowing reporters does not in itself fulfill OMA; and one alderman does not “corporate authorities” make.