CCEC Disapproves of DeKalb’s New Police Cars


Citizens Community Enhancement Commission members are upset their logo was totally rejected as the new design for the police cars, so now they want a do-over:


1. New Police Squads

[Assistant City Manager Rudy] Espiritu distributed pictures of the new police cars. A survey was done with Police personnel, and the staff selected the logo in the pictures, he said. The logo recommended by the CCEC
received no votes, he added. However, he said, it is placed on the bumper.

Mr. Barnes disagreed that the logo selected was the best choice. He added that police cars market the image of DeKalb.

He suggested that in the future, the voting be open to all City staff, residents and the CCEC. Mr. Rasmussen agreed and added that the logo looks garish and needs to be subdued.

Mr. Pietens concurred and stated that if the City wants a cohesive image, this decision can’t be made by one group.

He added that decisions of this type are generally made at the management level. Mr. Espiritu replied that the City Manager agreed with the decision and thought it was the best choice.

Mr. Barnes suggested that Morningstar Media could have developed some mock-ups for consideration. Chairwoman Johnson asked what was the opinion of City Council; Mr. Espiritu responded that they love it.

Mr. Espiritu stated that he would take the Commission’s comments to the Mayor and Police Chief.

Mr. Barnes said that he would rather the comments be given to the Mayor and the City Manager.

I happen to like the new squad cars, but of course you should never have your own police department dictate what it drives. It’s just not hip.

Here’s my idea. The City of DeKalb’s leaf logo, which some believe looks like a tree giving the “finger,” would most appropriately go on the doors to the back seats where those who are taken into custody must ride. A decal of the dialog bubble they sometimes add to the logo, which says, “We love it here!” could be placed on the rear passenger windows for an ironic touch.