Hat Tip to the City of DeKalb


I meant to say something sooner but have been distracted by personal events this week.

Last week a candidates’ forum was held at the DeKalb Municipal Building and it was televised — a first on both counts, I think.

Though involved as a member of the board of the new League of Women Voters of DeKalb County, I was not the one to set up the venue but I heard Mayor Povlsen and city manager Mark Biernacki quickly signed on to the idea.

I did have the pleasure to find Public Works director T.J. Moore enthusiastic for sharing information about municipal electrical aggregation and careful to make clear his responsibility to present it in a neutral, objective manner.

Jeff Birtell from IT stayed late to broadcast the event.

It was all very professionally done and a terrific use of our public facilities.

Thanks, City of DeKalb.