Call the Wa-a-a-mbulance for Belvidere Township

WATB alert!

BELVIDERE — Belvidere Township’s legal fees have skyrocketed 383 percent from five years ago.

The township has been scrutinized for months with residents filing lengthy Freedom of Information Act requests and writing memos that require legal responses. People have questioned the township’s budget, public comment process and whether the government body should even exist.

Township Supervisor Patrick Murphy said his board has now asked [contracted township attorney Keri-Lyn] Krafthefer to attend each township meeting. He said officials are being “picked on” and must consult an attorney before taking any action.

City of DeKalb administrations also depend on lawyers to guide their every move at meetings and to keep the public out of their beeswax, but you don’t hear them crying about it!

In fact, they’ve even been known to turn lemony reality into soft drink deliciousness by using highly adaptable attorneys who can determine legality based on the circumstances of the moment.

Belvidere Township’s troubles arise from the unreasonable questioning of its ballooning budget reserves and its willingness to buy a building for $150,000 that later sold for $60,000.

The township has responded to these indignities by limiting public comments, though, so it’s on the right track and folks will just have to get used to the added expense.

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