More “Coffee Fund” Stuff

AP has picked up the “NIU Coffee Fund” story from the Daily Chronicle, so it’s all over the state now. Choose your favorite search engine to see for yourself.

Glad as I am to see something hit daylight, though, there’s the feeling we’re being thrown a bone. I’ve pointed out previously that chasing it has taken attention off the NIU Finance-Convo shakeup. Also, who says DIMCO is the only scrap metal recycler and “coffee” the only fund? Here’s the comment I left at the Chronicle website yesterday:

Maybe Crundwell and her brazenness with the passing of time is sticking in my mind, but the “scrap” operation strikes me as somewhat small-time for the number of years involved — not to mention all the construction that has been going on at NIU. And all that iron and steel brought in but not an ounce
of copper?! I hope the DC is on the lookout for more “coffee” accounts and is checking with all recyclers within, say, a 50-mile radius of DeKalb.

Makes sense, doesn’t it, to widen the investigation — and maybe to have somebody besides NIU investigating NIU.