“We Are Taking Edgebrook”

The following is a report from DeKalb Police of a gathering on the 800 block of Edgebrook Drive in the wee hours of Saturday, August 25.

Due to a large crowd gathering the previous night, I assigned officer Boldt to monitor the lot at 809 Edgebrook and to advise me of any large parties forming.

He advised me that there was a party at apartment 8 and the apartment was full with some people standing outside. We arrived and advised the occupant to move everyone inside and not allow any more people inside. He was warned that if a crowd gathered outside his apartment, that he would be cited. During this time other officers cleared the lot of approximately 10 cars and 30 people who did not reside at the complex.

Cars that had exited the lot were stuck in traffic from other cars wanting to enter the lot. The lot was blocked as was the intersection of Normal and Edgebrook. During the time it took to clear the road, two groups of people began to gather on opposite sides of the street where officers were directing traffic.

Officer Boldt was getting names of tenants in other apartments with loud parties. While preparing to clear officers from the scene, I heard a passerby speaking on his phone. I heard him say, “We are taking Edgebrook.” Over the next several minutes, the crowd grew exponentially. Officers remained on scene keeping people out of the street and harms way. At several times the crowd attempted to enter the street in mass and were deterred. At least four people were arrested for different offenses throughout the event.

Police officers from Sycamore, DeKalb and NIU monitored the crowd and asked people to leave. After approximately 2 and a half hours, the crowd dispersed to a safe level.

According to eyewitnesses, the Edgebrook party was just the largest of several such gatherings in the same college student-heavy area that weekend and Labor Day weekend as well. Word is that party locations were advertised on Facebook and the crowds that came sometimes spilled into the parking lots of businesses and apartment complexes.

I haven’t come across any official crowd estimates for Edgebrook at its peak, or for any of the other gatherings.