Special Meeting Tonight on Proposed Rental Inspection Staffing


DeKalb city staff want to hire five people and buy four vehicles in their quest to a) ignore recommendations of the Safe/Quality Housing Task Force and b) implement the rental housing licensing and inspection program they’ve wanted all along.

According to the agenda backup, start-up costs would come to $135,000 and the annual outlay would be $454,000. Fees would cover only about half of the ongoing annual costs — but wait! They’ve already budgeted $150,000 – $196,000 in contingencies over the next five years so it’s mostly taken care of and the rest can be “absorbed by other General Fund sources” so it’s all good!

We know how really, really good DeKalb staff are at projecting revenues!

But, at least the latest staff nonsense might mean council has signaled a decision against a tax increase for the program.

Enjoy the latest performance of the “Cirque du DK” tonight in council chambers beginning 6 p.m.