Land Swap is No Mystery: Here Comes TIF


A few days ago I was having an email conversation with a friend, who asked me what I thought of the school district’s proposed land swap deal that would put developer Shodeen next to Huntley Middle School. Here is how I responded, in part:

At this point I am suspicious that a South Fourth TIF plan might still be in the works. Probably both the school district and Shodeen would love to be in a TIF.

And in today’s paper, I see this.

At Monday’s meeting, City Manager Mark Biernacki said the DeKalb City Council will be presented with a report by the end of 2012 on whether certain areas of the city should be designated as tax increment financing districts.

The goal of the districts is to encourage redevelopment in blighted areas, and Biernacki identified three possible district locations. Those are along South Fourth Street, past Taylor Street toward Huntley Middle School; the apartments in and around Greek Row; and parts of Sycamore Road near Hopkins Park.

So there it is, folks. Your fair city and your even fairer school district have this new TIF thing worked out already.