Warrants Issued in NIU “Coffee Fund” Case

Daily Chronicle has the story that arrest warrants have been issued for nine current and former Northern Illinois University employees in the “Coffee Fund” case.

Those charged are: Robert Albanese, Michael Hall, Lawrence Murray, Susan Zahm, Kenneth Pugh, Keenon Darlinger, Mark Beaird, Joseph Alberti and Keith Jackson.

According to the NIU Materials Management website, Pugh serves as Materials Management Director and also is listed under Furniture Repair Services. Alberti is listed as the manager of Central Stores while Darlinger is listed under Special Orders for Central Stores. Murray is listed as the manager of Receiving and Property Control. Hall is listed as the manager of Distribution Services. Zahm is listed as the inventory record control supervisor of Property Control.
Albanese, former associate vice president of the Division of Finance and Facilities, left quietly July 31 after signing a separation agreement that showed they faced “serious and substantial allegations of misconduct.” John Gordon, former Convocation Center director, also left July 31. He has not been charged in connection with the coffee fund investigation.

Northern Star has posted copies of the arrest warrants.