Mayor Povlsen Calls Opposition to DeKalb Library Expansion Actions “Anti Idiots”


There’s a Facebook group called “You know you’re from Sycamore, Illinois when…”. I just took a screenshot of it in case somebody deletes something later. Anyway there’s a nice photo of the Sycamore Public Library posted along with this description:

For those of you who haven’t been back to Sycamore for some time, this is a foto of the new library. Instead of tearing down the old one, we added a large addition to the east side of it in 1997. It is two stories and has room for a large meeting room and kitchen area. I think the addition ties into the old building rather well. At the east end is a large parking lot.

One commenter on the post notes that there was a lot of opposition to the Sycamore Library expansion and to paraphrase, he was proud of the work he and others did to overcome it. That is a nice comment. Nobody called anybody names.

Then there is Kris Povlsen’s comment:

We are doing the same here in DeKalb to the Haish Library. The anti idiots are always going to oppose all progress. Over the years I have learned to ignore them and do what is in the best interest of the community.

I don’t belong to the group, but found out about it because others who do belong thought it was a horrible thing for a mayor to say.

The probability that the mayor thinks of me as an “anti idiot” is high. But he could hardly be more wrong. I, and others like me, do not generally oppose things like library expansions. For myself, I know that the DeKalb Public Library (formerly known as Haish Library) needs an expansion, and I don’t oppose one. I do oppose building more than we need and running roughshod over the rules to get it done, which is what has happened. Big difference.

Mayor Povlsen will be gone soon, but there are plenty who inhabit city hall who have the same mindset.