Fun with Friends of Goliath

The Illinois Supreme Court refused last week to hear an appeal against the DeKalb County Board’s decision to allow Waste Management’s landfill expansion plan. In response, Daily Chronicle editor Eric Olson patted the Stop the Mega-Dump people on the head.

Their effort was driven by their convictions. Members of the unfortunately named Stop the Mega-Dump believed what they were doing was right and the county was in the wrong. They took it as far as they could because they cared about the effect this landfill expansion would have on our shared environment.

There, there.

[sympathetic cooing noises]

Suddenly, he attacks!

Let it end: This should settle the question on the landfill expansion, but there’s talk that another citizens group – the Cortland Township Electors’ Association – will mount a new legal challenge, claiming the Illinois Township Code gives townships the authority to override county and state regulators by refusing to allow the garbage to be dumped within their borders…It won’t fly.

The turnabout happened so quickly, I felt like I’d been slapped in the face — and I’m only an interested bystander.

Here’s Olson’s reasoning in a nutshell:

  • Townships are not legitimate governments

  • This would somehow mess with due process for Waste Management

  • If you really cared about people, you’d spend your money on charitable causes we favor

  • Seriously, go read it for yourself and see if I’m not giving a fair translation.

    I guess it’s what you have to do to try to differentiate Group A from Group B when there’s really no substantive difference at all.

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