Library Supporters Not Trying Very Hard to Raise Private Money

Jolly. Oregon didn’t pass its library referendum so the state gave Oregon’s library construction grant of $3.1 million to DeKalb Public Library. So we’re back to the $24 million building plan.

I’d feel better about the state’s grant program if the whole process weren’t rife with secrets, but since I decided not to fight the first denial, I have to wait until next month and file another Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to try to find out which institutions received the grants, and how. June 30 is the date that the money is to be released to the winning libraries and all shall be revealed at that time, right?


“I am absolutely confident we’ll raise the money for it, but I am budgeting for it,” Coover said.

Coover and board President Clark Neher said the library has raised $1 million already, although most of that is in the form of pledges. Neher said they haven’t flexed their fundraising muscles yet.

“We’ve been doing [fundraising] almost informally,” Neher said.

The library folk are putting on brave faces about their ability to raise private funds for the expansion project — about $3 million is the goal now I guess? — but according to the newspaper article DKPL’s fundraising arm has done almost nothing to put actual money in the bank. Also the not-quite-being-promised amount appears to be shrinking?

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