I Have More Questions than Ever


Out of the blue, City of DeKalb has announced a Fiscal Responsibility Initiative.

Mayor John Rey said the initiative was made to strengthen financial transparency and accountability.
“Through the initiative we hope to move in a positive fashion toward financial stability,” Rey said.

I thought the city already was the role model for transparency, accountability and financial stability? Huh.

The article also says the city will bring in more experts from outside to accomplish these things. That sticks in my craw because we already have a $50,000+ report from outside consultants sitting on the shelf.

— If you want to strengthen transparency, my dear CoD, un-redact and release the full strategic planning report by the financial consultants, not just the parts that make you feel good about yourselves.

— If you are concerned about financial stability, put the strategic planning report and the Financial Advisory Committee together, as I called for the other day.

— If you value accountability, clean house. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the fresh, new city manager we are all so hopeful about.

At any rate, we shouldn’t pay for more outside help without good reasons and the ones given in the article are too vague to support. Try again.