Be more like Shelby County


It was nice to see the [Shelby County Board’s] discussions on numerous matters including not paying certain invoices which had no public purpose. The committee pulled those bills and took it upon themselves to reimburse the source of the invoice from their own pocket to the person who submitted them. They did so because that person had been told by past committee members that such bills were ok to be paid by the county. One board member appeared to imply it should be paid since it’s not that much money, approximately $180.00. Any invoices submitted for payment not having a public purpose should never be paid, regardless of the amount. We commend those who did the right thing in this case and chose to follow the law rather than ignore it and make excuses to justify paying it. Making the person whole from their own pocket is above and beyond.

Illinois Leaks/Edgar County Watchdogsposting of February 11, 2023

Don’t be like our local housing authority. Be like Shelby County.