DeKalb aldermen can’t get items placed on their own city council agendas


Sixth Ward Alderman Mike Verbic has attempted to get items included on DeKalb city council agendas for nearly a year, but the city manager has yet to comply.

Emails from a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request show that Alderman Mike Verbic began requesting items be placed on city council agendas in March 2023, and by December 2023 had accumulated what he termed a “Top 10” list of items he and other aldermen supported as discussion items on agendas.

The DeKalb Municipal Code provides for a minimum of two aldermen to request agenda items:

Any two (2) or more City Council members desiring that a matter be placed on a Regular meeting agenda for consideration by the City Council shall advise the City Manager not later than 12:00 Noon on the Monday preceding a Council meeting. They shall supply the City Manager with a copy of all relevant materials to be considered by the City Council. The City Manager shall include any such matter as a consideration item on the requested agenda.

Section 2.09(a), DeKalb Municipal Code

From the looks of Alderman Verbic’s latest email on the subject (posted below) he has garnered the support of three other city council members to place these items on agendas.

Four alders might also be enough to initiate disciplinary action against an insubordinate employee — just saying.

Meanwhile, Alderman Verbic has promised to begin citing the “Top 10” during council meeting ward reports until the items are scheduled. This would be helpful for the public because the city (probably improperly) redacted even the subject matter of the items.


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